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Children and Youth Programme

At Kells Family Resource Centre, we are committed to helping kids and young people in our community thrive. Our youth programs are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to learn, grow, and connect with others. From after-school programs to summer camps, we offer a variety of activities that are both fun and educational. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality programs that meet the unique needs and interests of each child. We believe that every child and young person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we are here to help them do just that.


Our Programme

Kells Foróige Youth Cafe

Welcome to Kells Foróige Youth Cafe, the ultimate hangout for teens in Kells! Run by dedicated volunteers passionate about creating a vibrant space for teens, our aim is simple: to boost activity and engagement among teenagers in our community. 

​What We Offer: 

Pool Table: Challenge your friends to a game of pool and showcase your skills. 

Table Tennis: Serve, spin, and smash your way to victory on our table tennis tables. 

Nintendo Games: Dive into the world of gaming with a variety of Nintendo games. 

Board Games: Unleash your competitive spirit with our collection of board games for fun-filled game nights. 

Toasties and Snacks: Enjoy delicious toasties and snacks to keep you energized and satisfied. 

Great Company: Connect with fellow teens in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

​The Rules: 

Registration is just €10, and there's a €2 fee at each cafe meeting, which includes toasties and tea. 

We believe in creating a safe and respectful space for everyone, so please be mindful of our rules to ensure a positive experience for all. 


Benefits of Participating: 

Joining Kells Foróige Youth Cafe comes with a multitude of advantages, including: 

Organised educational care to support your growth and learning. 

Intellectual development through engaging activities and discussions. 

Integration through play and culture fosters a sense of belonging. 

The opportunity to discover and nurture your talents and interests. 

Building self-esteem and gaining greater life independence. 

Acquiring valuable social skills and learning about different social roles. 

Developing strong interpersonal skills and cultivating pro-social attitudes. 


How to Register: 

Getting started is easy! Register by popping into our cafe during opening hours or by visiting the Kells Family Resource Centre and filling out a registration form. Spread the word around Kells by liking and sharing this the club’s posts on social media so that more teenagers can join our vibrant community. 


At KELLS Kells Foróige Youth Cafe, we're more than just a hangout spot; we're a supportive community where you can grow, connect, and have a ton of fun. Come be a part of our journey, and let's create unforgettable memories together! 


Day: Mondays 

Time: 6.30 pm to 8 pm  

Age: 13 - 17 years 

Fee: €2 per week and Annual Registration of €10 

Booking: The group is currently full - for more information please ring 089 4010041 

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Kells Angels Youth Club

Kells Angels operates in sync with school terms, providing a fantastic opportunity for children to come together and have a blast. Our primary focus is to foster an atmosphere of fun, learning, and camaraderie, ensuring that every child feels safe and excited to be a part of our community. 


What We Offer: 

At Kells Angels, we believe in a holistic approach to childhood development. Our activities are designed to entertain, educate, and inspire. From exciting games to captivating group learning activities, our Fridays are packed with laughter and learning. Some of our regular activities include hands-on cooking and baking sessions, creative arts and crafts, and entertaining talent shows that showcase the unique skills of each child. 


Summer Adventures: 

Every summer, we embark on thrilling adventures to places like Navan Adventure Centre, Lilliput Adventure Centre, and the cinema. These outings are not only an opportunity for the children to explore and have fun but also a chance to build lasting memories and friendships. 


To join our dynamic group, simply come into one of our Friday sessions, contact us at 046 9247161 or email us at


We look forward to answering any questions you may have and introducing your child to the exciting world of Kells Angels. 


Join us at Kells Angels, where a new adventure filled with laughter, learning, and friendship! 


Day: Fridays 

Time: 5 - 6 pm 

Age: 8 - 12 years 

Fee: Weekly Fee €3, Annual Registration €10 

No booking required  

Kells Parent, Baby & Toddler Group

Warm and welcoming space for parents and little ones alike. Led by parents, for parents, the group is a haven for both free play and organizsed activities, providing a perfect balance for your little explorers. Parents relish the opportunity for adult company, sharing stories and experiences while the little ones engage in socializsing, making new friends, and delighting in a variety of stimulating activities. 


Joining us is easy and affordable, with a nominal fee of €3 per family. Your contribution helps support the group's activities and ensures a delightful experience for everyone involved. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or simply want to connect. The Kells Parent, Baby & Toddler Group is more than just a weekly meet-up – it's a place where friendships blossom, memories are made, and the journey of parenthood is shared. 


We look forward to seeing you for laughter, play, and the joy of parenting together! 


Day: Mondays 

Time: 10 am - 12 pm 

Age: Babies and Toddlers with their Adults 

Fee: €3 per family 

No booking required  

Playing toddlers

Cool Dudes

Cool Dudes – where healthy eating becomes an exciting adventure for kids. 


Our 5-session course is designed to empower young minds with the skills and knowledge needed to create delicious, nutritious meals while having a blast in the kitchen. 

Each of the 5 sessions is a hands-on experience, combining the joy of practical cookery with the freedom for participants to choose what they want to cook. Armed with a comprehensive handbook of diverse and tasty recipes, Cool Dudes embark on a culinary journey that's both educational and delicious. 


At Cool Dudes, we believe that learning about healthy eating should be as enjoyable as the meals themselves. Our course is not just about cooking; it's about fostering a positive and lifelong relationship with food. Participants gain practical kitchen skills, explore the benefits of nutritious ingredients, and develop a sense of independence in the kitchen. 


Wondering when our next Cool Dudes course is running? Get in touch with us to find out the upcoming dates and secure a spot for your young chef. Whether they're aspiring to become the next top chef or just eager to whip up tasty treats, Cool Dudes is the perfect platform for culinary exploration. 


Join us as we blend fun and food, creating a space where healthy eating is not just a lesson but an adventure. Cool Dudes – where young chefs discover the joy of cooking and the power of nutritious choices! 


Date: To be confirmed please fill out the registration form below 

Age: 10 - 12 years 

Fee: Free 

Cool Dudes registration form

Thank you we will be in touch with you.

Teen Cookery challenge

Learn to Cook Healthy Meals on a Budget:

Equip your teens with essential cooking skills and empower them to make healthier meal choices without breaking the bank!

- Cookery Challenge

Teens will cook and learn to prepare delicious and healthy meals. They'll get to eat what they cook and share the joy of cooking with others.

- Mindfulness Session 

Help your teens practice mindfulness and learn to be present in the moment. This valuable skill will improve focus and reduce stress.

- Gaming Challenges 

Engage in fun gaming challenges, fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities in a safe and friendly environment.

Date: To be confirmed please fill out the registration form below

Age: 13 - 17 years

Fee: Free

Teen cookery registration form

Thank you we will be in touch with you.

Chaos Art Academy

Monthly Art Classes:

With fun activities and supportive guidance, we nurture creativity and help to discover the joy of self-expression through art.

Kids age 5-6 yrs:

Day: Every 4th Friday of the month

Time: 3 pm - 4:30 pm

Fee: €10

Registration is required, please fill out the registration form below.

Kids age 7-8 yrs:

Day: Every 1st Thursday of the month 

Time: 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Fee: €10

Registration is required, please fill out the registration form below.

Kids age 9-10 yrs:

Day: Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Time: 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Fee: €10

Registration is required, please fill out the registration form below.

Kids age 11-12 yrs:

Day: Every 3rd Thursday of the week

Time: 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Fee: €10

Registration is required, please fill out the registration form below.

Through engaging projects and hands-on activities, we encourage self-expression, foster confidence, and provide opportunities for young artists to refine their skills and explore new artistic horizons


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, our monthly sessions provide a welcoming space to explore different techniques, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and reignite your passion for creativity.

Day: every 2nd Thursday of the month

Time: 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Fee: €10

Registration required



8-Weeks Digital Art Teen Summer Course:

Chaos Teen Art Academy:

Over 8 exciting weeks, dive into the world of digital art and unleash your creativity like never before.

Here's what you can expect from our programme:

  • Basic in Photography – Capturing Emotions: Learn the fundamentals of photography and discover how to capture emotions through the  lens.

  • Wildness Photography Field Trip: Embark on an adventurous field trip where we will capture the beauty of nature through your camera lens.

  • Anime – Basics of Anime Digital Painting: Dive into the vibrant world of anime and master the basics of digital painting to bring your favorite characters to life.

  • Hero Forge – Design a Character: Unleash your imagination and create your own unique character.

  • 3D Printing – Print and Paint Your Character: Bring your character to life by 3D printing it and adding your personal touch with paint.

  • Art Gallery Trip – Visit to Navan Art Gallery: Immerse yourself in the world of art with a trip to Navan Art Gallery, where you'll find inspiration from a diverse range of artworks.

  • Digital Media – Logo, Packaging: Explore the realm of digital media as you design logos, packaging.

  • Typography – Design a Shirt: Learn the art of typography and create your own unique shirt design that reflects your style and personality.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of creativity, exploration, and fun. Let your imagination run wild and discover the artist within you!

Day: 8 weeks course every Wednesday starting on the 3rd of July

Time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Age: 13-17 years

Fee: €15 per week - Total cost €120 per child  -  €30 deposit to secure your spot  (deposit will cover 2 last weeks of the course)

All materials provided.

Monthly art classes registration form

Thank you we will be in touch with you.

8-weeks Teen course registration form

Thank you we will be in touch with you.

Splattered Paint

The Brickx Club

Where learning meets FUN for your child's optimal development! Our specially crafted program is designed to provide children with a fantastic start in education through engaging and imaginative play.

Our Aims:

  • Developing Imagination and Creativity: Through the world of LEGO®, children unleash their creativity and let their imaginations soar.

  • Social Skills and Teamwork: Our club fosters an environment where children learn the importance of sharing, turn-taking and collaborating with their peers.

  • Problem Solving and Achievement: As children navigate challenges and build intricate creations, they develop problem-solving skills and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Learning to Follow Instructions: Following instructions is a crucial skill, and at The Brickx Club, we make it enjoyable through exciting LEGO® projects.

  • Building Self-esteem: Each creation, big or small, contributes to building a child's confidence and self-esteem.

What Happens:

  • Themes, Challenges, and Games: Each club session presents a list of exciting themes, challenges, and games that children can choose to build, ensuring a dynamic and personalized experience.

  • Teamwork and Project Work: We encourage teamwork, assigning different roles within each group project. Children collaborate, learn, and create together.

  • Display and Tidying Up: Completed creations are proudly displayed on our creation table, fostering a sense of accomplishment. Tidying up is part of the process, of teaching responsibility.

Day: Last Thursday of each month

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Age: 5-12 years

Fee: €12 per child

Booking essential: Text 089 212 9802 

3D Model

Coder Dojo

CoderDojo at Kells FRC – your gateway to a world of coding adventures for young minds!

CoderDojo is a global, open-source movement driven by passionate volunteers committed to empowering the next generation with coding skills.

At Kells FRC, we are proud to be a part of this movement, offering free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions designed for young enthusiasts eager to dive into the exciting realm of technology.

Our CoderDojo sessions hosted right here in Kells FRC, unfold over 6 or 8-week blocks of engaging and interactive coding activities. These sessions provide a fantastic opportunity for young minds to learn, create, and explore the wonders of coding in a fun and supportive environment.

Join us on this coding journey, where creativity meets technology, and young minds flourish into the tech innovators of tomorrow. Discover more about the incredible world of coding at CoderDojo – where the possibilities are limitless!

Day: Saturday

Time: 2:30 - 5:00 pm

Age: 8 - 17 years

Fee: Free

Booking your spot for these enriching sessions is essential, ensuring a personalized and focused learning experience. To secure your place or gather more information, visit the dedicated Kells CoderDojo website. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us via email at

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Little Folk Music with Kyle

Join us for 45 minutes of pure delight, as we embark on a musical journey filled with live tunes, rhythmic beats, and the joy of exploration.

In this engaging early years music class, Kyle invites children and their parents to participate in the rhythmical wonders of percussion instruments and the joy of movement with colorful scarves. Every session promises a good time for all, fostering a playful environment that encourages creativity and expression.

The classes delve into the fundamentals of music, exploring rhythm, tempo, and movement through a captivating blend of original compositions and beloved traditional children's music. With a decade of experience in crafting and performing children's music, Kyle brings a wealth of talent and passion to each session.

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 10 am - 11 am and 11 am - 12 pm.

Age: 3 months to 5 years

Booking is essential: Kyle Riley – Little Folk- Music for Young Children (

Math Grinds

MCM Grinds

This is a group designed to help students study properly for their Junior and Leaving cert.

Day: Fridays

Time: 1:30 pm - 9:30 pm

For more information please contact Patrick: 087 704 2488

or visit: 


Math Grinds - Peter Carry

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm

For more information please contact Peter: at or call 0861691750

Writing on the Board

Teen Neuro Space

We're here to create a welcoming haven for neurodiverse teens aged 13-17, where they can explore their passions and embrace their unique superpowers. Our club meets every Monday from 4:30 to 6 pm, offering a safe and inclusive environment for teens to socialize, play board games, and simply hang out. 

Our mission is simple: to create a space where teens can connect, have fun, and be themselves without judgment. From engaging activities to meaningful conversations, we're all about fostering friendships and building confidence. 

At Teen Neuro Space, acceptance is our language, and understanding is our currency. 

Run by dedicated staff and volunteers, Teen Neuro Space is all about fostering friendships, building confidence, and celebrating the strengths of every individual.


Come join us and be a part of our supportive community! 

Day: Mondays

Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Age: 13 - 17 years

Fee: €2 Registration €10

Booking: Please ring the office for more details at 0469247161

Youth Club Meeting
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